Fressets raises 349 million JPY to accelerate growth of its Enterprise Wallet Management solution

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Tokyo, June 18, 2018 – Fressets, the world’s first supplier of crypto currency wallet management solution for enterprise, announced it raised 349 million JPY in Series A funding led by UTEC, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital and Ceres.

Fressets’ EWM, signature wallet products, enable large enterprises to, for the first time, allow the combined use of secure cold wallets and convenient hot wallets through MultiSig while simultaneously meeting both their security and scalability requirements. Companies such as those that operate cryptocurrencies exchange platforms can generate and manage hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency wallets without sacrificing security.

The vast majority of available wallet solutions in the industry are built for the use of consumers that are sacrificing their security through external networks in exchange for features such as instant money transfer. There was no available wallet solution for enterprises that employ sufficient security for managing large amount of cryptocurrencies while also delivering usability. Fressets’ EWM is the only solution to these problems and ensures consumers and corporations to transact cryptocurrency assets with the highest security standard.

About Fressets

Fressets pioneers advanced research and development in the Blockchain industry and deploy its findings in various products, including wallet solutions for the enterprise and education programs for software engineers. Fressets’ mission is to take the responsibility to ensure that large corporations can introduce and leverage the technological benefits of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their existing businesses.