About Us私たちについて

The origin of our name is Frictionless Assets,
which describes the benefit cryptocurrencies bring to our society

Our Mission私たちのミッション

We upgrade society's infrastructure with blockchain technology

Our mission is to build the infrastructure that enables Blockchain innovations to
penetrate across our society.

To deliver on our mission, we are committed to the most advanced technological research and
development, and to deploy our findings as products that everyone can use with ease and safety.

We also help more people to learn and acquire expertise in this industry by sharing our knowledge.


  • 日向 理彦

    CEOMasahiko Hyuga

    Masahiko is the founder and CEO of
    Fressets. He developed and
    managed the operation of an
    exchange platform of Monacoin,
    Japan's first altcoin, and also various other platforms including mining
    pool, a consumer wallet product.
    Masahiko also founded Janom, a
    technical consulting and system
    development firm focused on

    Masahiko received an M.S in Physics from the University of Tokyo.

  • 余語 邦彦

    Board DirectorKunihiko Yogo

    Kunihiko is an undisputed business
    leader who held various CEO roles at
    large corporations, including the
    Chairman and the CEO role of
    Kanebo, one of the biggest CPG
    brands in Japan and the Co-CEO role
    at Hikari Tsushin, one of Japan's
    biggest telecom companies.
    Kunihiko also served the good of the public as an executive advisor to the governor and mayor of Osaka from
    2012 to 2016 under the leadership of Toru Hashimoto.

    Kunihiko received MBA from
    Dartmouth College and BS in
    engineering from the University of

  • 郷治 友孝

    Board DirectorTomotaka Goji

    Tomotaka is a pioneer in developing Japan's venture capital environments. He founded UTEC - The University of Tokyo Edge Capital in 2004 and has been serving as the managing partner and the president where he founded and manages the fund of $500M. Prior to that Tomotaka worked at Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry where he developed the scheme of Investment Limited Partnership in Japan.
    Tomotaka received MBA from Stanford University, and BA in law at the university of Tokyo.


Fressets was founded by those who have robust experience in various cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Our goal is to redevelop society's infrastructure by leveraging technological advancements through blockchain.
In June 2018, we released Bitshield, our first product. Bitshield is a part of our EWM (Enterprise Wallet Management) solution that enables large corporations such as crypto exchange operators to balance the highest security and scalability requirements.
We are also releasing new EWM products for altcoins including Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, and we enable more and more companies to tap into cryptocurrency businesses.

Aug 17Founded with 3M JPY in capital
Sep 17Raised 23M JPY
Feb 18Raised 35M JPY
Jun 18Raised 350M JPY
Oct 10Moved to current location

Company Profile会社概要

Company NameFressets Inc.
LeadershipMasahiko Hyuga
Co-Founder, CEO and CTO

Kunihiko Yogo
Co-Founder、Chief Strategy Officer
Founded onAug 7, 2017
HeadquarterRoom 360, South Clinical Research Bldg,
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo, Japan
Zip: 113-8485
ContactSend inquiry
Employees6, as of Mar 1 2018
Total Funding60,972,000 JPY, as of Mar 1 2018
AttorneyMori Hamada & Matsumoto