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Fressets EWM® System

EWM: Wallet for enterprise

The Enterprise Wallet Management (EWM) is an essential infrastructure component for enabling enterprises to effectively manage digital assets. EWM provides a system for enterprises storing large amounts of assets, including crypto exchanges, to manage hundreds of thousands of wallet addresses (and their associated public/private key pairs) and process asset transfer requests securely and at scale.


Microservice Architecture Enables High Visibility
and Ease of Maintenance

Most wallets in the market have a common problem of being high maintenance by having too many features and an intricate, monolithic code base. Fressets EWMⓇ separates each feature into their own microservice and integrates them together to function as a single wallet system. This enables Fressets EWMⓇ to retain high visibility into its architecture and eases code maintenance, minimizing the risk of systemic failure and vulnerability to external attacks.

Fressets EWMⓇ is our answer to the security, scalability, and availability requirements financial enterprises face.

Fully Controlled
Asset Segregation

Governments across the world are increasingly requiring crypto businesses to protect their customers by appropriately segregating their digital assets. Fressets EWMⓇ and its proprietary algorithms allow businesses to associate multiple private encryption keys with each address, enabling a fully transparent, controlled segregation of a business’ assets from their customers’ assets.

Flexible Cold Wallet System with Multisignature Support

Digital assets are exposed to various material risks, including internal and external hacks and the loss or leakage of private keys. In order for a business to protect their digital assets, usage of multisignature addresses, or addresses that require multiple, typically distributed keys to sign a transaction in order to authorise one, has become critical in this day and age, but despite a plethora of wallet products in the market, there are very few, if any, that support multisig.

Fressets EWMⓇ supports Multisignature addresses by default, along with a cold wallet system that functions in an offline environment wholly isolated from the Internet. This enables businesses to eliminate the risk of malicious attack by 100%.

On-Prem or Cloud.
Your Choice.

Fressets EWMⓇ is available as packaged software that an administrator can install and configure within their on-premises infrastructure. This allows businesses to retain full control over their environment, foregoing the need to audit and validate that third-party suppliers are compliant with regulations. Furthermore, via this method, businesses can deploy Fressets EWMⓇ within the same private network as, for example, an existing CRM solution, and consolidate risk mitigation (such as invalid requests from the Internet) in one place.

Fressets EWMⓇ also supports both public cloud enrionments including Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform as well as private cloud.

Developed for the Global Economy

Fressets EWMⓇ supports, on a request basis, multiple languages and countries of business. Our in-house research and legal team will conduct a detailed investigation into the laws and regulations of your area or country and customize our product to help your business build a compliant wallet system.

Supported Crypto Currencies

Fressets EWMⓇ supports the following currencies.
• Bitcoin (Bitshield)
• Bitcoin Cash (Bitshield Cash)
• Ethereum (Ethershield)
• Ethereum Classic (Ethershield Classic)
• Ripple (Rippleshield)
• Litecoin (Liteshield)

We are continuously expanding this list to support more currencies. Please contact us for development status, or if you are interested in a particular currency, as some currencies not listed here can be supported by Fressets EWMⓇ as well.

Validated by
Happy Customers

Multiple certified financial institutions have chosen Fressets EWMⓇ to operate their own crypto exchange. Our technologies and the compliance of the highest standard are validated by our customers.


Pricing for Fressets EWMⓇ consists of initial fees—a license fee, deployment fee, as well as a customization fee if applicable— and a monthly subscription fee including license fee and maintenance fee. As pricing will vary on the number of currencies needed and amount of customization required, please contact us for a quote.

Education and certification programs for Blockchain engineers

Our team has robust experiences in developing and operating various products powered by Blockchain, including crypto exchange, mining pool, wallet, and web-oriented services that adopt these technologies.
We deploy education and certification programs for software engineers and experts by sharing our knowledges and experiences.

Advanced research and development

We are seeing rapid emergence and implementation of new technologies in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
We lead the community's research and development activities by taking advantage of our expertise and engineering resources and implement them in the products that meet the requirements of large enterprises.