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Enterprise Wallet

The world's first wallet solution for enterprises that balances
scalability and the most strict security requirements

Our signature wallet products enable large enterprises to, for the first time, allow the combined use of secure cold wallets and convenient hot wallets through MultiSig while simultaneously meeting both your security and scalability requirements.
Companies such as those that operate cryptocurrencies exchange platforms can generate and manage millions of cryptocurrency wallets without sacrificing security.


Education and certification programs for Blockchain engineers

Our team has robust experiences in developing and operating various products powered by Blockchain, including crypto exchange, mining pool, wallet, and web-oriented services that adopt these technologies.
We deploy education and certification programs for software engineers and experts by sharing our knowledges and experiences.

R & DR & D

Advanced research and development

We are seeing rapid emergence and implementation of new technologies in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
We lead the community's research and development activities by taking advantage of our expertise and engineering resources and implement them in the products that meet the requirements of large enterprises.