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BitshieldThe World’s First Wallet Management Solution for Enterprises

The industry has been lacking wallet for enterprises

The vast majority of available wallet solutions in the industry are built for the use of consumers that are sacrificing their security through external networks in exchange for features such as instant money transfer. There's no available wallet solution for enterprises that employ sufficient security for managing large amount of cryptocurrencies while also delivering usability.

Wallets are the weakest link in Blockchain security

Existing wallet solutions have had trade-offs between security and usability. The vast majority of these wallets were focusing more on usability to fully leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies, and often times they didn't pay enough attention to security. On the other hand, too much focus on security makes it difficult to process asset transfer requests by many consumers and to leverage the technological advancements of blockchain.

Bitshield is developed to solve all these problems


  • The industry’s only wallet solution that enables combined usage of cold and hot wallets via MultiSig

  • A fully scalable infrastructure that can handle millions of customers by partitioning full nodes and wallet functions

  • Implementation doesn’t require experts.
    Leveraging the ever-evolving product is quick and easy.

  • The separation of standardized modules and customizable modules meets the unique demands of your business at low cost